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Switch Interface

In this document we describe the functions that the switch library code needs to implement. The class structure for the switch is : Switch -> VendorSwitch -> ModelVendorSwitch . Following standard oo conventions functions are generically implemented in the Switch super class and more specifically implemented in the Vendor and Model sub-classes.

High level methods

getMACTable() (to be depricated soon)

Gets the full learned mac table from the switch, returning a list of MACTableEntry objects and returns a list of MACTableEntry objects with the results.

getVLANTable(VLAN v = None)

Returns a VLAN object for the current switch , see for the VLAN class. (not implemented for the linksys class yet) If VLAN v is specified the switch appends the information to the current VLAN object and returns the appended version.

setVLANTable(VLAN v)

Applies the VLAN v to the current switch.


Returns a FDB , Forwarding Database, object for the current switch, see for the FDB class (note the FDB class hasn't been written yet, but will follow the same structure as the VLAN object). This a read only procedure, there will be no set operation.

Low level methods

These methods are not expected to be called to configure the switch but are need as internal methods and also by some debugging tools.

Cisco SNMP tool

When developing support for a switch this is very useful.