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Switch Interface

In this document we describe the functions that the switch library code needs to implement. The class structure for the switch is : Switch -> VendorSwitch -> ModelVendorSwitch . Following standard oo conventions functions are generically implemented in the Switch super class and more specifically implemented in the Vendor and Model sub-classes.

The main methods are needed.

getMACTable() (to be depricated soon)

Gets the full learned mac table from the switch, returning a list of MACTableEntry objects and returns a list of MACTableEntry objects with the results.


Returns a VLAN object for the current switch , see for the VLAN class.

setVLANTable(VLAN v)

Applies the VLAN v to the current switch.


Returns a FDB object for the current switch, see for the FDB class (note the FB class hasn't been written yet, but will follow the same structure as the VLAN object). This a read only procedure, there will be no set operation.

Cisco SNMP tool

When developing support for a switch this is very useful.