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rat, usb and Logitech webcams

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(Markus Buchhorn <Markus.Buchhorn@…> wrote the following to sumover-tech and ag-tech lists, see threads archived  here and  here)

Hi all

On returning from a greatly needed break :-) I found myself in posession of a "Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks Pro II" <takes breath>. A very nice USB camera, it also includes a microphone and a simple echo canceller (and a cute face tracker and video effects package :-) ).

No problem with the video side under any apps, no problem with the audio side under any apps, except under rat. Rat refuses to see it, even when it's the default microphone device. I've seen this problem mentioned a few times before, dating back to at least 2002, with no resolution. The USB Logitech headset (mike plus earphones) I normally use works fine with rat.

My guess is that rat is looking for a full duplex audio device. The camera is audio input only by definition. If this is the likely cause, is there a hack around it (can I run an instance of rat with "input only", independently of an "output" rat?), or a feature request looming to have rat cope with devices like these? i.e. independent audio input and output devices. Or an earlier version of rat that doesn't check for full-duplex? Currently this is on Windows, but I'd imagine the same thing will bite me on Linuxen.


Cheers, Markus

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Hi Markus,

Yes we made it back thanks!

We've been looking at the issue you raised - It's not entirely straightforward as you're probably aware currently RAT only allows for selection of single devices that support both input and output. We'll take a look to see how much work it would be to allow for selection of seperate input and output devices.



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That would be *excellent*, and I think crucial for the future of rat...

Would it be easier for a temporary solution to either remove the check for full-duplex (with its implications for some systems), or allow a rat process to only do one side of the problem on request (input or output)? At worst I could then run two rat instances... ugh. I suspect the mbus signalling could get confusing, although they'd be on different identifiers...

Thanks for looking into it!

Cheers, Markus

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