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NetBSD audio driver

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(Brook Milligan, <brook@…>, made the following available by personal communication to the SUMOVER team:)

Colin Perkins gave me your contact information as the person who is managing the rat source code. Some time ago I wrote an audio driver for NetBSD. Since then I have completely rewritten it to make it much better. It now takes full advantage of all the information available from the kernel and will support anything the kernel does, including the full mixer interface. Thus, I think it is much improved and should get into the rat code base.

In the process, I have also made a few minor changes here and there to other portions of the rat code. Consequently, I have a few small patches in addition to the new NetBSD driver.

What is the best way to integrate these files/patches into the rat code base?

Cheers, Brook


NetBSD_patch1.diff Download (6.1 KB) - added by brook 10 years ago.
NetBSD patch1 from Brook Milligan

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Hi Brook,

That's great news - If this is a one off job the simplest approach would be for you to send me the patch and I can intergrate it into the code. Otherwise if you're planning on doing more development work on RAT (or the other tools) then we could add you as a developer on the tools - then you could integrate the patch yourself. The latter option would be good if you're planning more work as we don't have anyone tasked with development on NetBSD.



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NetBSD patch1 from Brook Milligan

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I imagine my contributions will be sporadic and largely limited to the NetBSD driver. If it is easier to make me a developer to add things in directly, I'm glad to do that. Either way, I figure I'll be the one managing the NetBSD code (although I would welcome help as I think the current NetBSD driver, which represents a very flexible and pretty robust one, could be a useful model for others).

Besides the completely rewritten NetBSD driver, here is an outline of the updates I have made in my own copy:

- Improve the OSS driver to dynamicly determine the available record ports.

- Add some casts to avoid compiler warnings from gcc v3.

- Handle switching output ports in the same way as switching input ports.

- Add some casts to avoid compiler warnings for Tcl v8.4.11 functions.

In case you wish to look at them, the patches for the last three are attached above. Note that the original version ( represents rat v4.2.25. I have no idea how this relates to your CVS tree. The other patches are more extensive, and we can discuss those later once you decide whether or not it is appropriate to give me access to the CVS tree.

Cheers, Brook

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Hi Brook,

Thanks very much for your RAT patches - I'll take a look at them and pop them into the tree - we've been setting up a new Subversion based repository - the beta system is running at:  https://frostie.cs.ucl.ac.uk/mbone/mmedia/

I'm not sure if I missed anything but I didn't notice any patches for the NetBSD driver?



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No, you are not missing something. I sent the simple changes first, as those were pretty minor and fairly obvious. There are two other major groups of patches.

- Fixups for the OSS driver. Mainly, this uses the OSS kernel ioctl(2) interface to dynamically determine the set of input devices. Previously, this was hardcoded, and does not necessarily correspond to the actual kernel devices.

- The new NetBSD driver. This is the complete rewrite that triggered the thread.

I am glad to send you these patches. Or I'm glad to work on your CVS repository directly after having you review the patches for sanity. Your choice. Just let me know.

Anyway, I look forward to what you think about the rat stuff. I'd like to put that behind me for the moment so I can move on to other things.

Cheers, Brook

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The RAT stuff looks fine - I need to do a bit more testing.

Send me the NetBSD driver when you've got time.

Just to let you know - we've done quite a bit of cleaning up of the code - sorting out errors and warnings on gcc4 and windows. We did a 'minor' release.

We can also sort out an SVN account for you.

Thanks very much.

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Patches commited to UCL Subversion (except from the cast for Tcl/Tk-8.4).

All features UNTESTED, as we don't have NetBSD here. If anyone can test please reopen this ticket.

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