and .


08:18 Changeset [4093] by douglask
regenerate configure script so it is in sync with updated configure.in.tk


19:41 Ticket #165 (vic.2003.vcproj mkcube.exe handles only absolute path mpeg4 branch rev ...) created by lapeyl
Hi ! Got an error compiling on path with spaces from mkcube.exe Using …
19:33 Ticket #164 (vic.2003.vcproj missing File definition for ui-titlemaker.tcl on mpeg4 ...) created by lapeyl
Hi ! Got an error compiling DDRaw_release fatal: could not find …


14:49 Changeset [4092] by piers
Added configure option for Linux1394 grabber - currently default disabled …


19:43 Ticket #163 (vic.2003.sln wrong path or file name in mpeg4 branch revision 4091) created by lapeyl
Hi ! Getting error for not finding three tcl/tk related project files …


23:30 Ticket #162 (List all ports on capture card under Windows) created by turam
For all capture cards in general, vic should detect all input ports on …
12:04 SvnDev edited by piers
More Ubuntu info (diff)
11:37 Ticket #161 (rat dependencies missing on rat.sln trunk revision 4090) closed by piers
fixed: Thanks for finding this one. I've updated rat.sln with appropriate changes …
11:32 Changeset [4091] by piers
Re-added dependency for common (not quite sure when it got lost). Thanks …


20:56 Ticket #161 (rat dependencies missing on rat.sln trunk revision 4090) created by lapeyl
Hi ! Trying to compile with Visual Studio .NET 2003 revision 4090 rat, …


13:02 Changeset [4090] by douglask
Removed code that shouldn't have been checked in
08:35 Changeset [4089] by douglask
Added V4L2 Powerline freqency filter control which is adjustable with the …


16:50 RatWishList edited by piers
16:21 Ticket #20 (New codecs) closed by piers
fixed: These codecs have been integrated from the NCHC version of vic: * H.264 …
16:17 Ticket #53 (need support for -S in RAT for use in AccessGrid) closed by piers
fixed: FIxed by AG patches [3969]
16:14 TitleIndex edited by piers
cleaned spam (diff)
16:13 VicFeatures edited by piers
cleaned spam (diff)


09:28 Changeset [4088] by douglask
corrected 'configure --help' output. added $TCL_LIB/lib64 and …
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