and .


17:21 Changeset [4245] by soohyunc
o now, ackvec build funcion is moved to TfwcRcvr? correctly
16:12 Changeset [4244] by soohyunc
o bug fixed (the previous commit made seg faults)
15:43 Changeset [4243] by soohyunc
o now, the received packet seqno is just tossed to TfwcRcvr? o this is to …
15:06 Changeset [4242] by soohyunc
o added TfwcRcvr? class (currently empty) (you will need to …
13:24 Changeset [4241] by soohyunc
o we don't need the separate send_xreport() method
13:16 Changeset [4240] by soohyunc
turned on is_cc_active_ (rtp/transmitter.h)
11:46 Changeset [4239] by soohyunc
(continue XR report) added a mechanisms if CC is turned on or not
11:34 Changeset [4238] by soohyunc
(temporary commit) building a separate RTP extended send method - the …


18:17 Changeset [4237] by soohyunc
o (temporary commit) changed/put a few method to compile
17:45 Changeset [4236] by soohyunc
o modified XR report header fields (comply to RFC 3611 Section 4.1. …
14:37 Changeset [4235] by soohyunc
o parse ackvec information
14:29 Changeset [4234] by soohyunc
o on-going ackvec implementation


19:42 Changeset [4233] by soohyunc
o AckVec? (bit vector) o currently, it just adds up the received seqno …
17:15 Changeset [4232] by piers
Added --disable-alsa to allow for ALSA driver to be disabled.
01:36 Changeset [4231] by douglask
32bit Debian Etch's glibc has an issue with malloc being inside a …


13:44 Changeset [4230] by douglask
D1_WIDTH of 720 doesn't work with webcams and PAL capture cards, now …


18:23 Changeset [4229] by soohyunc
o deleted duplicated member variable declaration (seqno_ is already …
16:24 Changeset [4228] by soohyunc
(temporary commit) o now, we can give a packet sequence number and print …
15:44 Changeset [4227] by soohyunc
(temporary commit) o assigning packet seqno_ and printing on console …
10:37 Changeset [4226] by douglask
With both the xmalloc and xfree calls for the args pointer array being …
08:07 Changeset [4225] by douglask
Fixed issue with corrupted token command-line argument on some 32 bit …
00:29 Changeset [4224] by soohyunc
o start adding congestion control module (added a method call in send …


15:47 Changeset [4223] by douglask
args pointer array was being under-allocated memory. There still are some …
13:02 Changeset [4222] by soohyunc
o header files moved from cc.h to cc.cpp o some of the coding technique: …
06:40 Changeset [4221] by douglask
Apply patch posted by Claus Endres to the AG-tech mailing list, includes …
00:00 Changeset [4220] by soohyunc
o previous "trasmission.h" failed to compile with hooked up with cc …


18:43 Changeset [4219] by soohyunc
o currently empty CC files - just for compilation test purpose o a …
18:42 Changeset [4218] by soohyunc
added "cc.o" for CC module compilation


15:11 CongestionControl edited by soohyunc
14:49 CongestionControl edited by piers
14:40 CongestionControl edited by piers
Milestones heading (diff)
14:39 CongestionControl edited by piers
Added TWFC item (diff)
14:33 CongestionControl edited by piers
Milestones (diff)


13:34 Changeset [4217] by piers
Added more packet debug info when reporting on unknown RTP packet


14:40 Changeset [4216] by soohyunc
modified figure (ultragrid send thread)


08:30 Changeset [4215] by douglask
V4L2 'large' capture only worked with 4:3 704x576 PAL input sources. It …
04:32 Changeset [4214] by douglask
Enable right mouse button menu on MacOS X. On MacOS X the right mouse …


23:25 Changeset [4213] by turam
Accept -X arguments on command line, and pass to underlying apps and into …
19:39 Changeset [4212] by turam
Add keyboard shortcut for original/native size
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