and .


02:18 Changeset [4339] by douglask
Forgot to add debug code for V4L2_PIX_FMT_YUV420
02:05 Changeset [4338] by douglask
Added some more debug output for problamatic V4L2 capture devices that …


13:56 Changeset [4337] by piers
Append svnversion to VERSION so we the svn version can be tracked
11:48 Changeset [4336] by piers
Removed c->rtp_mode = 1; from FFMpegCodec::init_encoder() as it no longer …


15:10 RatDev created by piers
Created initial description of RAT's operation
14:52 SvnDev edited by piers
Added link to VIC and RAT dev pages (diff)


21:18 Changeset [4335] by soohyunc
a little modification
17:18 Changeset [4334] by soohyunc
o added an explanation slides on Vic's Tfwc AckVec? behaviour both from …
15:49 CongestionControl edited by soohyunc


19:35 Changeset [4333] by soohyunc
o new bitmap.h file that has necessary bitmap operations (to build up …
19:34 Changeset [4332] by soohyunc
o moved bitmap operation to a separate file so that this function can be …
19:32 Changeset [4331] by soohyunc
more concise expression


17:20 CongestionControl edited by soohyunc


22:26 Changeset [4330] by soohyunc
o fixed a warning message when compiling with gcc-4.3.2. warning: …
20:14 Changeset [4329] by soohyunc
(fixed a warning message when compiling with gcc-4.3.2) warning: type …
05:08 Ticket #186 (Add libv4l support to VIC) closed by douglask
fixed: Now in SVN.
03:35 Changeset [4328] by douglask
Made code more tolerant of capture devices that don't support CIF capture …


18:10 Changeset [4327] by soohyunc
o the variables should be initialized in the first place, otherwise, it …
13:02 CongestionControl edited by soohyunc
06:53 Ticket #187 (Add support to allow GraphEdit to conect to VIC's DirectShow filter graph) created by douglask
The following page describes how to add code to enable using GraphEdit?'s …


22:48 Changeset [4326] by soohyunc
(work-in-progress) added/modified ackvec build test code
22:46 Changeset [4325] by soohyunc
o more concise expression for marginvec() method
22:44 Changeset [4324] by soohyunc
o added a variable which can be used for the number of elements in the …
22:01 Changeset [4323] by soohyunc
(minor modification) variable declaration comes to the front.
18:36 Changeset [4322] by soohyunc
o bug fix - there was a bug when calculating the number of lost …
18:29 Changeset [4321] by soohyunc
added test code for verifying ackvec manipulation
18:28 Changeset [4320] by soohyunc
added return head/tail pointer (head_ and tail_ is declared as private)
15:08 VicDev edited by piers
Added rendering section (diff)
14:32 CongestionControl edited by soohyunc
14:30 CongestionControl edited by soohyunc
14:28 CongestionControl edited by soohyunc
14:27 CongestionControl edited by soohyunc


18:47 Changeset [4319] by soohyunc
bitmap test code
15:38 Changeset [4318] by soohyunc
('cwnd_' value should be always greater than 1.) o previously, 'cwnd_' …


18:26 Changeset [4317] by soohyunc
(FreeBSD build error fixed) it had a wrong md5.h inclusion. accordingly, …
18:19 Changeset [4316] by soohyunc
when typing "make clean", the object files in "cc" directory are now …
17:54 Changeset [4315] by soohyunc
(FreeBSD build error fixed) it had a wrong md5.h inclusion. accordingly, …


19:29 Changeset [4314] by soohyunc
o (bug fix) at cc_output() in rtp/session.cpp, the location of …
19:23 Changeset [4313] by soohyunc
added an example code for packet generation
07:53 Changeset [4312] by douglask
removed a typo involving a '$'
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