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06:51 Changeset [4343] by douglask
Fix for V4L2 drivers that don't return EINVAL for unsupported pixelformats …


06:41 Changeset [4342] by douglask
V4L2 code fix to prevent infinite loops with broken VIDIOC_ENUM_FMT ioctls …


08:24 Changeset [4341] by douglask
Add V4L2 capture support for 720x480, 360x240 and 180x120 NTSC based …
02:16 Changeset [4340] by douglask
Code now supports 720x576, 360x288 & 180x144. In particular, the Kworld …


02:18 Changeset [4339] by douglask
Forgot to add debug code for V4L2_PIX_FMT_YUV420
02:05 Changeset [4338] by douglask
Added some more debug output for problamatic V4L2 capture devices that …


13:56 Changeset [4337] by piers
Append svnversion to VERSION so we the svn version can be tracked
11:48 Changeset [4336] by piers
Removed c->rtp_mode = 1; from FFMpegCodec::init_encoder() as it no longer …


15:10 RatDev created by piers
Created initial description of RAT's operation
14:52 SvnDev edited by piers
Added link to VIC and RAT dev pages (diff)


21:18 Changeset [4335] by soohyunc
a little modification
17:18 Changeset [4334] by soohyunc
o added an explanation slides on Vic's Tfwc AckVec? behaviour both from …
15:49 CongestionControl edited by soohyunc
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