and .


19:33 Changeset [4611] by soohyunc
(1) changed printing to stderr instead of stdout this is because stdout …
19:30 Changeset [4610] by soohyunc
Transmitter timestamp and its offset.
19:29 Changeset [4609] by soohyunc
forgot to comment out debug message
19:26 Changeset [4608] by soohyunc
set timestamp offset (to align timestamp with Transmitter and Encoder)
17:40 Changeset [4607] by soohyunc
print out debug message to stderr instead of stdout
17:04 Changeset [4606] by soohyunc
print out debug message to stderr instead of stdout
17:02 Changeset [4605] by soohyunc
print out debug message to stderr instead of stdout


14:32 Changeset [4604] by douglask
Modifications to allow redirecting the stdout of 'vic -Q' on Windows to a …


12:58 Changeset [4603] by douglask
Added -Q switch to query input devices and list each device's name, ports, …


12:55 Changeset [4602] by soohyunc
correction for generating plotting file from trace
12:31 Changeset [4601] by soohyunc
processing trace


21:27 Changeset [4600] by soohyunc
plotting script
21:27 Changeset [4599] by soohyunc
(temporary) a simple script to grep necessary information from the trace
21:26 Changeset [4598] by soohyunc
added a simple tool to plot time-seqno plot
21:20 Changeset [4597] by soohyunc
added print out statements to measure the time it take to encode frames …
21:18 Changeset [4596] by soohyunc
print out seqno and its timestamp
17:25 Changeset [4595] by piers
Attempted to fix problem when there's a dodgy localhost name in DNS and …
11:34 Changeset [4594] by douglask
Tcl 8.0 doesn't support the string comparison operators where the operand …


15:39 Changeset [4593] by soohyunc
o commented out unnecessary debug message o added 420 format attribute
14:06 Changeset [4592] by soohyunc
the default CC is now set to win-based CC (i.e., TFWC)
12:59 Changeset [4591] by douglask
Some changes to work with Tcl/Tk 8.0 again


19:41 Changeset [4590] by soohyunc
fixed a script error in "configure".
13:24 Changeset [4589] by douglask
regenerate configure
13:23 Changeset [4588] by douglask
Ensure X11 grabber is built on all platforms other than MacOS X and …
13:04 Changeset [4587] by soohyunc
separated rtp/session.[h,cpp] for TFWC and TFRC, using simple switch-case …
11:40 Changeset [4586] by douglask
More Ttk native widget support for Windows


21:51 Changeset [4585] by douglask
For X11 Tcl/Tk 8.5 VIC, perform query for activebackground used by the …
21:34 Changeset [4584] by douglask
Support for native Windows (Ttk) widgets in VIC's main winndow
19:44 Changeset [4583] by soohyunc
removed a warning message (g++ 4.2) about using "uninitialized variable".
19:01 Changeset [4582] by soohyunc
added control statement (switch-case) in build_xreport() method. (to add …
19:00 Changeset [4581] by soohyunc
To add TFRC algorithm, we have added a control loop (switch-case).
17:03 Changeset [4580] by soohyunc
updated BSD license (it's now the 3-clause license)


09:18 Changeset [4579] by douglask
additional fixes for Windows DeckLink? code
09:17 Changeset [4578] by douglask
remove a duplicate line
02:00 Changeset [4577] by douglask
Add gap between Quit button and resize corner on MacOS X, users were …


10:06 Changeset [4576] by douglask
Blackmagic DeckLink? grabber modifications for Windows support


16:08 Changeset [4575] by piers
Tweaks for ffmpeg and x264 build setup - renamed ppc_conf to ffmpeg_conf …
16:05 Changeset [4574] by piers
Added gpllibs target to simplify Windows Mingw build
12:34 Changeset [4573] by douglask
Local copy of Zlib-1.2.3 header files. Avoids complications with …
12:22 Changeset [4572] by douglask
Initial checkin for Tcl ZVFS support, which is a newer means of embedding …
12:05 Changeset [4571] by douglask
Insert the license terms that zvfs.c is referring to, which can be found …
11:45 Changeset [4570] by douglask
Import zvfs.c from: …


16:50 Changeset [4569] by piers
Added patch for ffmpeg (libavcodec/h264.c) to enable decode of IOCOM's …
16:44 Changeset [4568] by piers
Added #ifndef WIN32 around new herror() call - which isn't supported on …
16:39 Changeset [4567] by piers
Removed old x264.h (which was only used by Windows) as current one is now …


15:47 Changeset [4566] by piers
Updates for configure - mostly for Snow Leopard build, but also some …
15:46 Changeset [4565] by piers
Removed tx->flush() - as it by passes bit-rate controls. It shouldn't be …
15:44 Changeset [4564] by piers
Added herror() debug output - when gethostbyname fails
15:42 Changeset [4563] by piers
Lets localhost address lookup fail back to using localhost address instead …


10:23 Changeset [4562] by douglask
Regenerate configure script
10:09 Changeset [4561] by douglask
Intial configure script support for DecLink? API on Linux and MacOS X. …


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