We welcome feedback on how the application worked for you, what features you think it would benefit from, what problems you've encountered, etc.

The rat-users@… mailing list is for general discussion related to rat. It is an open list, and you are encouraged to subscribe if you use rat. To join this list, send email to rat-users-request@…

Bug Reports

Bugs happen. Please let us know (or submit a patch) so they can be resolved.

Take a look at the FAQ to check that the problem is not covered there already - there are some problems endemic to certain platforms that we can't do anything about.

When reporting problems it saves a lot of time if the email contains:

  • the operating system.
  • the hardware platform.
  • driver information (output of 'cat /dev/sndstat' on Linux/FreeBSD).
  • description of problem and any factors that seem to correlate to it, e.g. receiving an 8kHz stream and rendering in 3D causes the application to crash.

Please check that regular recording and playback work on the machine in question. Some problems are caused by faulty drivers. Cards that do not work properly in half duplex mode are unlikely to work properly in full duplex mode. Contact the author of the driver in this instance.

Bug reports should be sent to rat-trap@….

Privacy Statement

The rat-trap mailing list is a closed list: it includes only RAT developers. Messages and personal details are not propagated outside of the list. The rat-users mailing list is open to all - we do not maintain a public archive of messages to this list, but have no control over the actions of other subscribers.