Media tools wish list

Software Management

  • Trac/Subversion setup and running
    • Designation of representative at sites.
    • Visibility: AGportal, AG-TECH, Freshmeat, srcforge
    • Wiki style hardware support listing
    • Clear labelling of unstable features – not to be compiled into distributed versions

Generic features

This set of features could also go under the common library, as they would mostly affect and incur changes to the library.

  • Firewall/NAT traversal (UMTP?)
    • Port number in use
  • P2P (e.g. Orta, Aspen) support – source specific behaviours (external contribution)
  • SRTP support
    • Signalling issues, rekeying
  • H.263 improved (UKERNA) – dependent upon GW initiative
  • Low bandwidth support (i.e. don't receive video if don't want)
  • Support for OSS v4
    • separate selection of playback and recording devices in GUI
    • additional command-line options for specifying the same on startup
  • Interaction between VIC and RAT (who's speaking notification, e.g. red frame; similar to AccessGrid? VP)
  • Lip-sync between VIC and RAT
  • Multichannel audio support in RAT

  • upgrade Tcl/Tk to newer version

I'd like to see an interface for vic that strips away the window borders and title bar so I am only moving the video pixels around and can put the streams together to create a seemless view of my room. thanx mimiller -at- ncsa -dot- uiuc -dot- edu