The latest versions of VIC are available as part of  AccessGrid - these are based on the mpeg4 branch releases of the H264/MPEG4 enabled version of VIC - the very latest releases are currently available from VicH264.

The older version of VIC is available for download in binary for for Linux and WinXP. The license for this version is  open source, specifically using a BSD style license (largely from Berkeley).

Source code for all versions and the current development version are available from this Subversion repository.

Latest Release

Version: Release Date Release Type Binaries (and source tgz) Changes
2.8ucl1.2.1 21st Sept 2006 Stable Windows fix release  Windows XP  Changes
2.8ucl1.2.0 13th Sept 2006 Stable  Windows XP Linux(fedora4, gentoo-glibs2.4-r3),OSX,src  Changes
2.8ucl1.1.7 12th April 2006 Developer  Windows XP Linux(fedora4, gentoo-gcc345),src  Changes
2.8ucl1.1.5 9 June 2003 Stable  2.8ucl1.1.5  Changes