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VIC H.264 beta page

The latest version of VIC now includes H.264 codec compliant with RFC3984, and an MPEG4 codec. The codecs were integrated by Barz Hsu and the RFC3984 work was done by Socrates. The code also introduces a number of other features from Barz's code like full screen mode (double click), and scalable video windows, use of tcl/tk-8.4.

Currently the code is still in barz's vic/branches/mpeg4 branch - here's how to check it out.

svn co vic-mpeg4

We plan to merge it with the mainline soon. It does currently build on Linux and Windows (albeit with a bit of fiddling around required - I'm trying to reduce that). Here's some info on windows build:


Latest binaries are available here: (9oct07):

Older binaries are here: This version requires  ActiveState's ActiveTcl package to be installed beforehand. The Vic zip file contains all the codec .dll - which need to reside in the same directory as vic or in the PATH.

And a Linux binary here:

An OSX 10.4-Intel binary is here: Feedback welcome.