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VIC Manual

Vic is started on the command line e.g: ./vic somehost/someport

Command line arguments

Options: vic [-HPs] [-A nv|ivs|rtp] [-B maxbps] [-C conf]

[-c ed|gray|od|quantize] [-D device] [-d display] [-f bvc|cellb|h261|jpeg|nv|mpeg4|h264] [-F maxfps] [-i ifAddr ] [-I channel] [-K key ] [-L flowLabel (ip6 only)] [-l (creates log file)] [-M colormap] [-m mtu] [-N session] [-n atm|ip|ip6|rtip] [-o clipfile] [-t ttl] [-U interval] [-u script] [-v version] [-V visual] [-x ifIndex (ip6 only)] [-X resource=value] [-j numlayers] dest/port/fmt/ttl


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