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VIC SUMOVER wishlist

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Vic generic

  • Clean compilation
  • GUI simplification
  • Add a start-up GUI to RAT/VIC where user can supply address, keys, codec

Vic specific

  • Make VIC compile on TCL/TK 8.4
  • List receivers in main window
  • Padlock security icon
  • Integration of new codecs: H.264 (from NCHC)
  • Full screen video/arbitrary video resizing (external contribution)
  • Smart tiling work from NCHC - All video in one
  • Who's speaking functionality (external contribution)
  • Thumbnail sorting
  • Desktop sharing (compatible with inSORS?)
    • inSORS: H.264 “Data mode?”
    • VRVS: H.263 baseline
  • Video subtitling/watermarking (like the news!)

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